The Amerian-Memleketian-Kasarjian Family Tree

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Amerian Family Picture (3x5)

This page is dedicated to the family genealogy of three Armenian families tracing their roots to Dikranagert (now Diyarbekir), Turkey. Of course, because much of the information has been based upon oral histories, there may be some inaccuracies.
Bedros Kerbajian and Anna Kasarjian Family
This page and the family genealogy contained herein is being published as both a means to provide an open source for members and descendants of the Amerian, Memleketian and Kasarjian families, and also with the hope of finding, and educating, other family members who may not be aware of the extent of their family.

Garabed Memleketian Family

This page and its contents contain over 35 years of research of the Amerian, Memleketian and Kasarjian family lineage, using both oral and documentary history to attempt to verify the data. If you find any errors, feel free to submit them to Brian Krikorian at