The Amerian-Memleketian-Kasarjian Family Tree

Garabed Memleketian Family

The Memleketian Family

The matriarch of the Memleketian family was Tumah [1819-20 - 1915]; the name of her husband is unknown. Her son Garabed Memleketian [1836 - 1931] was the father of Lucia Memleketian Amirian.

Garabed had made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and preferred to be called Hajji. Garabed's wife was Soghomon Kasarjian [1851 - 1923]. There were five children in the Garabed Memleketian family: 3 sons, one dying at five years, and 2 daughters. The oldest two sons were, Bedros {Peter} and Hovaness {John}, and the two daughters were named Lucia and Haiganoush [1881 - 1980].
In 1896 after the 1894 - 1895 pogroms against the Armenian Population by Sultan Abdul Hamid,

Garabed Memleketian sent his two sons Bedros and Hovaness to the United States, fearing future reprisals by the Turks. The two brothers arrived in New York and after working in a mechanical factor, started their own hardware store in Brooklyn, New York. In 1905, their mother Soghomon came to America, with their sister Haiganoush. Also accompanying them were the future wives of Bedros and Hovaness, Mnoosh and Baidzar. On February 5, 1905, in a double wedding, Bedros and Hovaness were married.

Finally in 1908, Garabed Memleketian left Turkey and arrived in California where the family had settled. However, Garabed left his mother Tumah with Lucia and Aslan Amirian, who remained with their family in Dikranagert.

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