The Amerian-Memleketian-Kasarjian Family Tree

Bedros Kerbajian and Anna Kasarjian Family

The Kasarjian and Kerbajian Families

The matriarch of the Kasarjian family was Mnoosh Kasarjian; her husband's name is unknown. She had 5 daughters: Soghomon (see Memleketian Family), Loosig, Tumah, Anna, and Gadar.

Loosig married a man by the name of Pinajian. Tumah married a man named Hagnelian. Gadar married a man named Seropian; Gadar died at a young age of cholera.

Anna married Bedros Kherbajian, the son of John (Hovaness) Kherbajian. Bedros was also the brother of Boghos Kherbajian, who married Tumah Amirian. Anna and Bedros had 4 sons: Mihran, Dickran, Ohanes, and Levon. The Kherbajian family moved to Egypt circa 1904, and settled there.

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