The Amerian-Memleketian-Kasarjian Family Tree

Amerian Family Picture (3x5)

The Giragos Amirian Family (circa 1910)

The above photo depicts the death of the Amirian (Amerian) family patriarch, Giragos. The time of death was in the winter of 1909-1910. Lucia Amerian was pregnant at the time of Giragos Amerian's death. This was determined because the child born in 1910 was named after him. The day of his death was gloomy and rainy. Giragos (Nishan) Amerian was born the following summer. To establish the time of his birth, his sister Queeny remembered that the family was sleeping on the roof top of their house (which was the custom during the hot summer months). Her father was with them on the roof waiting for the birth of the child in the house. Lucig Khaleh (Kasarjian) Pinajian, (Lucia Amerian's maternal aunt) came to tell Aslan of the birth of a son. Aslan took Queeny down into the house, where they celebrated his birth by making tea. Vahan Pinajian (son of Lucig Khaleh) had left for America on August 10th and Nishan was born about 10 days later, so they set his birth date as August 15, 1910.

Although he was baptised as Giragos, after his grandfather, the children in the family did not like calling a small baby by that name. So their mother, Lucia, placed some names in a bag and they pulled out the name Nishan.

Row 1, Bottom, from left-

#1 Aslan Amerian, oldest child of Giragos Amerian. Aslan was the father of Zorah, Queeny, Rose, Carnig, Nishan and Diran

#2 Egoop (maybe Hagop) Amerian, younger brother of Giragos Amerian

#3 Giragos Amerian (the deceased)

#4 Hovsep Amerian, second son of Giragos Amerian. Child in his lap is Carnig Amerian, oldest son of Aslan Amerian. Carnig is about 2 years old; he was lost during the massacres.

#5 A nephew of Giragos Amerian, son of his sister Soghomon. He was a jeweler, named Thomas, surname not known.

#6 Mgrditch Yaglijian, son-in-law of Giragos Amerian, married to Gadar Amerian, daughter of Giragos.

Row II, from left-

#s. 1, 2, and 3- Sisters of Giragos Amerian. The third from the left was named Khanum

#4 Proon, wife of Giragos Amerian, mother of Aslan Amerian, etc.
#5 Mnoosh, youngest daughter of Giragos Amerian. Married surname not known.

#6 Boghos Khrbajian, son-in-law of Giragos Amerian, married to Tumah (Amerian). Boghos and Bedros Khrbajian were brothers. Bedros was the father of John Khrbajian, husband of Queeny (Amerian).

#7 Soosli (Susann) (Khudrsheh) Amerian, wife of Hovsep Amerian, second son of Giragos Amerian (bottom row, #4)

#8 Gadar (Amerian) Yaglijian, oldest daughter of Giragos Amerian, married to Mgrditch Yaglijian (bottom row #6), mother of Almast, Vartouhie, Ovsanna, Haiganoosh, Harry, etc.

#9 Tumah (Amerian), daughter of Giragos Amerian, married to Boghos Krbajian (row 2, #6)

#10 Thomas (surname unknown), son-in-law of Giragos Amerian, husband of Mnoosh Amerian (row 2, #5)

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